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Divine_K9 Services

Leave It to the Expert

Black Dog

Behaviour modification Sessions

Personalized and Professional

If your animal needs help with a specific physical or behavioural issue, Behaviour Consulting with Divine_K9 may be a great option for you. we do specific 1 on 1 training in your home, chosen for a more realistic environment for longer lasting and better results.


Dog Walking

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

 We offer pack walks and individual walks for the dogs that might not always get along with others. We pick up and drop off, send lots of video's and walk in beautiful locations. Soon we will be offering a wash and dry option for the dogs that love the mud!

Dog pulling on leash

Dog Training

For long lasting results

We offer 1 on 1 dog training for those dogs 6 months plus who might need a reminder or to start from scratch. We teach them basic obedience and personalise the plan to your needs or specific issues.


Puppy Training

All the basics

For all dogs under 6 months who need to learn the basics and troubleshoot some common issues such as toilet training, lead pulling and biting. Done in the comfort of your own home to avoid situational learning and making it truer to life. We have plenty of our own dogs we use for socialisation. This way you know your dog will only have positive experiences at such a influential and critical period of their lives.

Dog Swimming

Doggy Days Out

For when they need their own break

Every couple of months or so we put on doggy holidays to the beach or other area of beauty we know your dogs would love. We spend the day their taking lots of professional grade photo's to ensure their day is captured forever. At the end we send them home with a party bag and feeling tired after the days events. Great for socialisation and habituation resulting in more confident and happy dogs.


Dog Day care

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

We offer full and half day doggy day care in Worcestershire where the dogs spend the day with me going from walk to walk or get the opportunity to play in our field with others making sure they get lots and lots of fresh air and a better social life than we do!


Dachshund only walks

Time for Your Pet

Being a specialist trainer in dachshunds and having 4 of my own means i've collected quite a few over the years for walks and day care. This enables me to offer dachshund only walks in Worcestershire up to 4 times a week for the dogs that prefer to be around others of their own size and lets face it, it makes for great photos.

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